My Perfume Collection


There’s a famous Broadway song that says “you’re never fully dressed without a smile”. It may be true, but in my opinion you’re actually never fully dressed without perfume. There’s nothing quite like finishing off an outfit with the perfect scent that translates exactly who you are or what you’re feeling.

My mum has always been a big perfume lover so I think it ended up rubbing off on me. I love having a few options to wear on any given day so I can match it to my mood. Over the years, I ended up collecting quite a lot of fragrances – mostly sweet floral scents with some green and oriental touches here and there.

In today’s video I thought it’d be nice to share my love of perfumes with you by giving you a peek into my collection.

Lime Crime Superfoil eyeshadow in En Pointe | Kylie Cosmetics Kristen lip kit | Forever New jacket
Tiffany & Co. necklace and earrings | Giordano t-shirt | Kate Spade bow ring | Jolie & Deen ring
Banho de Lavanda by Natura, R$59.90
Pink With A Splash by Victoria’s Secret (discontinued)
Linda Lindinha by O Boticário (discontinued)
Eu Fashion by Niina Secrets for Jequiti Cosméticos, R$52.90
Wonderstruck by Taylor Swift, AU$79
Wonderstruck Enchanted by Taylor Swift, AU$79
Wonderstruck Enchanted rollerball by Taylor Swift, AU$14.95
Taylor by Taylor Swift, AU$79
Outspoken by Fergie for Avon (discontinued)
Loud by Tommy Hilfiger, AU$94.95
Gabriela Sabatini by Gabriela Sabatini, R$189
Black by Zara, AU$20
Vanillary by Lush, AU$39.95
American Girl Truly Me by Bath & Body Works (discontinued)
Love by Chloé (discontinued)
Miss Dior by Dior, AU$165
Olinda by L’Occitane au Brésil, R$115
Capim-Limão by L’Occitane au Brésil, R$92

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