Going Boho


I’ve mentioned this before but over the last few months I’ve been going through a style crisis of sorts. It’s more than just opening my wardrobe and every now and then crying the common “I’ve got nothing to wear!” – it’s the fact that day in, day out, 90% of my clothes no longer represent who I am. It’s not great, but  the news is that I think I’m finally starting to figure out the kind of style I am now striving for.

Gone are the days of full skirts girly dresses; I’ve been favouring sleeker silhouettes, simpler cuts and patterns, more elegant fabrics… all with a touch of bohemian glam, preferably. It’s probably just a sign of growing up. Whatever the reason, I’m learning that it’s great to view your personal style as something ever-changing because it allows you to become a better version of yourself.

This outfit is currently my go-to whenever I’m stuck and don’t know what to wear to feel pretty. It combines my love of jeans with a touch of boho glam in the shape of this gorgeous Zimmerman-inspired top from Forever New. I think my new fringe goes really well with it too. I then add a few accessories to make it more special, including these cat Melissas, and voilá! – a casual but sophisticated look for every day.

img_7947 img_7943 img_7948 img_7942 img_7941 img_7949 img_7945

Forever New blouse (similar here) and bag | Bardot jeans | Rubi Shoes sunglasses
Sportsgirl belt | Melissa Incense Cat | Jolie & Deen rings | Lime Crime Beet It Velvetine

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