The Shirt You Need This Season


The best thing about living in the Southern Hemisphere is being able to know what the main hits will be next season just by checking out what’s currently trending on the other side of the globe. One of the things I’ve been watching out for is the white shirt with blue pinstripes.  There’s been a few of them around this summer, but by the time autumn comes around they will probably be everywhere. Sleeveless or with long sleeves, with extra ruffles or some embroidery… You pick!

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#Unistyle Week 1 Recap


Last week was my first doing the #unistyle challenge, and if you follow me on Instagram you’ve already seen what I wore for days 1-5. On this post I plan on telling you a little more about each outfit.

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Match Made In Heaven


I can’t believe I ended up forgetting to blog about my Christmas outfit, especially because it took me forever to decide what to wear. I went a little crazy with the whole “early Christmas gift to myself” thing and had about four different looks planned out for the festivities. Sadly, I didn’t have four Christmas parties to attend, so I had to pick one.

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DSC01824 - Version 2 DSC01805 - Version 2 DSC01814 - Version 2 DSC01802 DSC01829 DSC01803 - Version 2DSC01842

Wearing French Connection fox t-shirt, Glassons black jeans, Topshop blazer, Vivienne Westwood for Melissa Lady Dragon Heart shoes, Medusa black clutch, Lovisa earrings and flower ring, Jolie & Deen love ring and Mac Sultana patentpolish lip pencil.
(Photos by Gabriel Herrok.)

Deciding what to wear to the Topshop Emporium launch was a little difficult, I admit. It was the first event I was invited to as a real blogger, so of course I wanted to make a good impression. I had planned a completely different outfit, but just before going to bed on Wednesday night, the little fox on this French Connection t-shirt smiled at me and all of a sudden I knew what I should wear. The tricky thing was putting together something that was very Topshop and yet very me at the same time. You’d think it’d be easier,  considering that a third of my wardrobe is made up of Topshop pieces, but no. In a situation like this you’d want to fit in, while still standing out and showcasing your personal style. As a said, tricky. Luckily, I ended up loving what I was wearing and feeling super comfortable in it, which really is the most important thing. You’ll never feel confident enough if you’re wearing something uncomfortable.


Belated Christmas


Wearing Cue dress, Tilkah sheer silk studs, Jolie and Dean love ring and Vivienne Westwood for Melissa Lady Dragon Heart shoes. Photos by Gabriel Herrok.

It’s almost February and I’ve only just gotten around to sharing with you what I wore for Christmas. I got my hair coloured for the first time ever that day (another blog post that has been sitting on my drafts queue for a month), so I was still feeling very… not myself. Thankfully this dress was very me, because it was only when I put it on that I felt a little bit more comfortable. And since I had been saving it for weeks I couldn’t wait to finally take it out for a spin. I had gone into Cue one day when they were having a sale and just had to have it as soon as I laid my eyes on it. I’ve been a fan of the brand ever since I moved to Australia but never bought anything from them until now. I just couldn’t resist this little black dress made with beautiful fabrics, a Lady Petrova-esque tulle skirt and modern zipped corset. So pretty! And as soon as I got home I realised these shoes would be the perfect complement for my Christmas Eve look.

As you have noticed, I’ve changed the blog’s layout. The other one still had something not quite right about it – even though I couldn’t figure out what it was exactly. This new theme that WordPress started offering was the answer for my problems and just about everything I wanted. There is a little more work to be done, but very minor, and I’m sure this time I’ll be very happy for longer with the way MissMatchy looks now. Did you like it too? Just let me know if you experience any issues with it, okay?

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Já é quase fevereiro e só agora eu consegui compartilhar aqui o que eu usei no Natal. Pintei meu cabelo pela primeira vez na vida bem naquele dia (este é um outro post que está na minha lista de rascunhos há mais de mês), então eu ainda estava me sentindo um pouco… não eu mesma. A sorte é que esse vestido é bem a minha cara, porque foi só quando eu o vesti que comecei a me sentir mais à vontade. E como ele estava guardado há semanas, mal podia esperar pra dar uma voltinha com ele. Eu tinha entrado na Cue num dia em que eles estavam na promoção, e assim que olhei pro vestido eu soube que precisava comprá-lo. Sou fã da marca desde que me mudei para a Austrália, mas nunca havia comprado nada deles até então. Não consegui resistir a este pretinho básico feito com tecidos lindos, uma saia rodada de tule à la Lady Petrova e este corsete moderno com zíper. Achei tão lindo! E foi só chegar com ele em casa pra perceber que esses sapatos ficariam perfeitos na minha produção natalina.

Como vocês de fato já devem ter notado, acabei de mudar o layout do blog. Ainda tinha algo me irritando no anterior, apesar de eu não saber exatamente o que era. Este novo tema que o WordPress passou a oferecer foi a resposta para os meus problemas e praticamente tudo o que eu queria. Ainda preciso consertar algumas coisinhas bem pequenas, mas acredito que vou ficar feliz por muito mais tempo com a aparência do MissMatchy do jeito que ele está agora. Vocês gostaram também? Por favor me avisem se tiverem algum problema com ele, tá?